Electronic Health Records


PAPERLESS ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS are the new standard for the medical industry.

How can HDA Enterprises aid your facility in the choice to go paperless? Our trained staff has assisted several clients nationwide with the successful integration of Paperless EHR Systems. We have built strong and solid relationships with many of the leading EHR and computerized billing/ scheduling software companies in the healthcare industry.

Our team is also experienced with Interface integrations between EHR systems and billing/scheduling software. Interfacing these systems allows your facility to obtain detailed reporting information and accurate, up-to-date analyses of the financial and utilization aspects existent at your facility. In addition, we are able to oversee and assist with the integrations now available for interfacing your facility with practices, hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

Our goal is to aid your facility in having more time to focus on patient care and eliminate the time spent chasing paper. With a fully paperless EHR system in place, patient information will be readily available to physicians and facility staff, when and where it is needed.


HDAE will initially HELP you do the following:
• ChoosE the RIGHT EHR system
• Procure and implement the necessary hardware
• Procure and implement the necessary software
• Assist or recommend IT Team FOR the installation of hardware/ software
• Guide your facility through the installation process
• Work with your staff throughout system training
• Make A SEAMLESS transition to a paperless facility a flawless and positive experience

Benefits from this integration are endless and include the following:
• Boost in productivity • Increased efficiency
• Less margin for error • Improved communication &Documentation • Compliance
• Reduction in costs • Enhanced treatment experience
• Faster decision making for caregivers • Complete access to patient information
• No more storage and archived records • No more paper chasing
• Accelerated revenue cycle