Hospital Consulting


HDA Enterprises, INC provides

healthcare consultative services to hospitals throughout the country, assisting each facility with a tailor-made customizable solution. Our goal is to help hospitals to run more efficiently and remain patient-centered, with a focus to provide superior services to all patients in an effective and productive manner. Our team of consultants takes a collaborative approach to assessing, developing and assisting your team with a plan to implement success.

HDA Enterprises provides support to hospitals in the following areas of expertise:

  • Operational Performance Analysis

  • Process Improvement Practices

  • Efficiency Improvements

  • Cost Efficiencies of Existing & Future Operations

  • Quality Improvement Evaluations

  • Risk Management Compliance Assistance

  • Budgetary Assistance

  • Financial Analysis and Projections

  • Strategic Development Assistance

  • Data Analysis

  • O.R. Analysis

  • Surgical Services Analysis

  • Surgical Services Assistance


  • Organizational Restructuring

  • Department Restructuring

  • Staffing and Scheduling Evaluations

  • Equipment Coordination and Evaluation

  • Equipment Acquisition

  • Cost Evaluations and Reduction Strategies

  • Administrative Policies Development and Maintenance

  • Administrative Policies Review

  • Licensing and Credentialing Assistance

  • Electronic Health Record Implementation and Assistance

  • Staff Coordination and Collaboration